What separates Isabel Englebert from other brands?

I think that one of my abilities is to create unique pieces but with a dose of modern. I also feel that it is really important to follow your instinct and vision and, most of all never forget what you like. If you design a jewel you would wear you have half of the success on your side, somehow people can recognize the authenticity in a brand.

What are your inspirations for the designs you create?

Everything! Fashion, art, history but never forgetting the woman who is going to wear it.

How did you select the materials you used in the London Collection?

I wanted to bring to London, different examples of my work. So I brought different Collections, the Art Deco one, with Sterling Silver, semiprecious stones, and leather with hair; the Gladiator collection, with Gold plated Sterling Silver, emeralds and leather; and the London Collection, the most modern of them all, the boldest, made of Silver, Leather with hair and acrylic.

Wolf and Badger is your first physical London location, how do you feel about this?

Very excited! It's a huge honor, Wolf & Badger has been named amongst Britain's Best Boutiques by Vogue, Top 10 Shops in London by Time Out, and amongst the Best London Boutiques by The Times and I'm actually the first Argentinean designer in Wolf and Badger. Also this means that this city likes what I do and it is really crazy if you think that I used to live in the other side of the world and that now people can buy my jewellery in this country.

What are your plans for the future?

I wish to keep on creating exclusive pieces and unique for their design. My plan is to continue finding the coolest places around the world to carry my pieces, and for people to fall in love and identify with my designs.