Since its beginnings, Isabel Englebert has always harbored a strong interest in the transcendental aspect of design, for what the pieces transmit beyond the formal. In her pieces what prevails is the idea, the conceptual elements over the purely aesthetic ones. Her designs are inspired by the culture and nature that surrounds us, and she firmly believes that the power of art transcends the simple pleasure of observing: it has an ulterior objective, communicating something, reflecting on social and environmental issues, seeking to generate awareness, and calling to action.


In a very intellectual process, she seeks to reconsider and reshape the relationship between the object and the body or the space.


On this journey and always with the same sensitivity and this search for the conceptual, the transition from designing jewels to sculptural objects and furniture was very logical and natural.


She always maintained her identity, her love for pure geometry and for the sensitivity of shapes; her passion for combining unexpected elements and fusing them with the traditional ones; her obsession with intellectual design.

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“Isabel Englebert Studio is the condensation of all this, the mixture of all the disciplines that fascinate me. It is a space of thought, where I can reflect on concepts and translate them into different materials, shapes and objects. From a mega jewel that explores the relationship with the body, to a sculptural object that is in dialogue with the space that surrounds it.”

About the designer

Born in Argentina, Isabel Englebert started her relationship with fashion 15 years ago, while working as a model. After studying Communications Sciences, she stepped into the corporate world, seizing the opportunity of traveling around the world through her job, to learn, investigate and experience fashion in different places.

While living and working in Switzerland, she decided to leave the multinational scene, to focus on fashion and after attending Central Saint Martins in London, she finally launched her brand: Isabel Englebert Jewelry, early in 2012.


Then in 2014 she perfected her skills in L'ecole Van Cleef & Arpels in Paris. Forbes Magazine recognized Isabel, as one of the 35 “Most promising and successful entrepreneurs under 35 years old”. Since 2018, she has been designing objects, and furniture, and in early 2020, she changes the identity to Isabel Englebert Studio, in order to better represent her present design universe.