Inspired in the middle 1920s and the following two decades, where industrial buildings, offices, homes, cinemas and theatres were built following the Art Deco characteristics. 

​There are a couple of names which resonate as Art Deco's

precursors in Buenos Aires, such as, Lagos, Sanchez and De la Torre and their famous Kavanagh building, Alejandro Virasoro, and his multiple Theatres and Cinemas in Corrientes Avenue, and Francisco Salamone´s  buildings in the interior of the Province of Buenos Aires.

The Corina Clasp, is named after the beautiful and determined woman for her time, Corina Kavanagh, who built an imposing building after a heartbreak.

Formal Art Deco compositional elements are reflected in the essence of the piece, which with its different levels, conceptualizes the greatness of this structure.

Strong, bold and brave, both the woman and the construction which bear the same name. 

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Corina Clasp


Kavanagh building

This Construction was once known as the tallest concrete structure in the world. The pure and repeated lines, the staggered planes and the presence of cubist rectangles are characteristic of this emblematic building of the city of Buenos Aires.

The Juana clasp, represents the rhythmic longiline windows of the Opera Theater, created by the architect Alejandro Virasoro. It takes the name of Juana María Basavilbaso López, the architect's wife, a bold woman who inspired many of his creations.


Opera Theater

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Juana Clasp