This series seeks to generate consciousness about the problematic referred to the melting of glaciers. The white giants, the delicacy of ice transforming into water, the figures and physic process of melting and the contrast of the hard to soft contributed for the creation of this collection.


The pieces are created in alpaca and natural, unaltered quartzes, creating contrast and interaction between the two materials. On one side, the quartz presents its own characteristics, similar to the ice, the hardness and luminosity, the pureness, transparency and whiteness of the stone it self. On the other hand, metal, cold and hard, is in a melting status and allows to generate the analogy with the transitions of glaciers being from a solid stage to a liquid one.  


The collection is presented in bracelets, necklaces and earrings. The purity and size of the materials allow us to make a powerful and aesthetic visual statement.