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“Posthumanism dialectics” seeks to build a dialogue between reality, fantasy and fiction, as I create an audiovisual choreography of the universes of hypertext, archive images and AI generated videos and audio, mixing each medium’s way of approaching identity construction. I bring together quotes on science fiction dystopian narratives and excerpts of prestigious literary and investigative works with public domain video media of today’s everyday life. This recompilation of clips addressing identity self-construction constitutes a live work, that continues to mutate and develop over time, being constantly updated due to the importance of technological advances and changes in cosmovision. These fast-paced videos dialog with an immersive animation of AI and digitally manipulated photographs of human remains I bought through the Internet and observed through an optical microscope. The human matter comes to life in a virtual audiovisual animation, combining organic movements and mutations with a tailor-made audio developed in collaboration with a sound engineer, incorporating my own heartbeat and brain wave sound. In this choreographic installation, I gather all the cornerstone concepts of the series: comments on genetics, technology, media and society. All of them related to identity, they function synchronically in order to awaken reflection in the viewers, by exploring analogies and threads that propose a new reading on known words. This piece’s process of development also engenders a dialogue through time, as it lays present images with quotes written in the past about future times side by side.

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