“I like to call them "wearable art" because I think they contain a great deal of sensitivity and reflection”.

Always interested in the transcendental aspect of design, Isabel Englebert avoids dwelling merely on the aesthetics. Instead, she searches deeper in order to express a message, to create a story.

​She builds a narrative that is interwoven with art, cohabiting and interacting, playing with that blurry border that she is so interested in challenging.

Fusing traditional and modern materials with avant garde design, Isabel Englebert presents her exquisite collection of handmade, couture wearable art.

​Soft and hard, new and traditional, past and future all contrast yet harmoniously work together, giving place to sublime creations of timeless modernity; allowing an eclectic yet elegant perspective.


A world of pure geometry and clean lines where the relationship between planes and shape transformation, is the norm.

Metals combined with acrylic, and occasional tainted leather with hair.

Avant Garde


This set of collections abstracts and conceptualizes the main aspects of different architectural movement, translating constructive resources into Isabel’s design language.


Mother Earth

Tailor made and unique cufflinks, inspired by a modern world. For him and for her.

Cufflinks & Co.

These collections are a praise to nature and its rich resources. The metal exalts its beauty, while working as a frame that establishes nature as a magnificent work of art.




A collection of original vintage japanese kimonos intervened with a metal and acrylic obi.

Following the avant garde lines of design, Isabel finds a new universe that intersects with the world of clothing, once again challenging borders.