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What seems to be a brand ́s representative performing a marketing action stands in the corner of the gallery handing out free pens; this apparently is not related to the exhibition. It is expected that some people will accept and take the pen offered to them, and that others will reject it, since at that time the pen lacks any symbolic value of interest. Upon entering the gallery, it is explained to the public that the pen they received as a sample is actually part of one of the works of art on display. The same object, which in another context had no value, is then transformed into a work of art. When leaving the exhibition, those in possession of these pen-artworks are given a certificate of authenticity that declares that their pen is a work of art.


This art piece highlights the great importance of the context in which the object is located, the power of the artistic institution, and the elevation of the object to art piece, since its meaning, its values, and the perception of it, are transformed.

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