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Unleashed by my Communications Sciences baseline, and having acquired knowledge in various domains as diverse as economics, design and neuroscience, I am particularly interested in intersections: those places where
boundaries are blurred. In this open conversation, I also intend to stimulate dialogue between art and science 
and the liminal spaces between fields.  
As an artist, I am acutely aware of the dialogues inherent in the creative process. The notion of art and science as two disparate entities couldn't be farther from the truth in my experience. They are two lenses through which we explore the same reality, two different forms of dialogue with the world, and I am fascinated by their interplay and intersection. The precise technical field of epistemology and science and the soft and blurred terrain of the artistic expression nourish and transform each other, integrating elements. 
For the last year, Hope Kean, researcher and PHD candidate from said lab, and me have been collaborating, exchanging expertise and knowledge from our own different disciplines. Venturing on a journey together, we have shared with each other from papers and experiments to philosophical theories, literature and works of art.  
Hope and I come from apparently very different worlds, but worlds that nevertheless meet and intermingle, allowing us to discover new perspectives that maybe neither of us would navigate if it were not for the exchange. A new synergy is born from this encounter, which is one of the most rewarding and interesting experiences in which I have immersed myself. 
As part of this journey, I visited MIT and the EvLab, where Hope performed a brain scan on me, as well as multiple cognition tests. By touring the labs and experimenting with various pieces of equipment, we produced a great deal of information and insights as part of our joint research. We have since been meeting virtually and in person for the last months, and developing a conceptual framework for a new series, called: "Brain Conversations"
Our objective is to highlight the potential of interdisciplinary interests and novel approaches, to spark new ideas and encourage discussion.

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