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Isa y Wannabe en Metaverse.jpg

I am developing a piece that sets a performance action in the Metaverse. In a series where I constantly reflect on the self-construction of the SELF, in times of virtuality and connections, and making use of the latest technologies, I set up a virtual action laden with meaning. I employ my self-created avatar, a virtual imaginary construction, to purchase my own virtual name, in the form of an NFT. This simple action adopts the name as the protagonist - the name, an aspect that is so characteristic of identity, so intrinsic to our own representation. The self-design of a virtual identity reaches its culmination in this action, which implies a monetised and self-appropriation of one’s own virtual - or not - identity. Is the fact of making a statement about identity in a form in which I have created my own self, staged in a virtual space that is clearly a reference point for media hyper-reality, a paradox? This subject is a key point in my research on self-construction. 

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