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The text that accompanies the work describes a pen in a certain state of melting, but the image presented shows a perfectly solid pen. It is necessary to use a social network filter in order to see the pen melting.


This work is related to today ́s ways of communication, and how they have the power to modify reality. A reflection on what reality really is emerges: is it what we perceive at first sight, what we see through social networks, or an elaboration that combines both aspects? At the same time, a parallelism is drawn with certain events that take place within social networks, in which one depends on one’s own virtual activity to reaffirm one’s existence. The individual being is pierced by the use of virtuality as a legitimizing factor, both in reality and in the artwork.


This piece has a certain performative character, it goes beyond the art gallery and takes place on each viewer’s mobile device. It requires the public’s action: if spectators do not follow the instructions, they cannot understand the meaning of the work, or the reasons behind the image. The network and the connections that arise from the proposed interaction are also considered part of the artwork.

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