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Isabel Englebert presents "Mies", a luminaire sculpture designed exclusively for architects’ Julio Oropel and José Luis Zacarías space at the Design & Art Center in Patagonia Flooring Foundation, in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


From inspiration and sketches to composition and materialization, this luminar sculptures’ design is founded on rational thinking and pure geometry as the ideal of forms. MIES collection is characterized by its modern inspiration and modular composition, as well as by an innovative combination of materials such as brass, acrylic and live moss. This piece is also inspired by nature and sustainability. That is why Isabel Englebert partnered with Paloma Teppa, who spearheaded these fundamental design principles, and thus included Plant the Future’s live moss. The hybrid born of the interaction of brass and live moss makes reference to the concept of "life". At the same time, the symbolism of framing a piece of nature gives it the character of a work of art. 


The principle of rationalist architecture is embodied with modern materials, a right angled figure, and simple geometric shapes organized in a modular way, isolating the base structure. The suppression of ornaments and curves create a functional, modern, harmonious and aesthetic architectural object.


Mies was exhibited for the first time on September 3rd, at Domestika Argentina’s launching, and will continue to be displayed at Patagonia Flooring’s Design & Art Center, at a permanent exhibition intervened by the country’s best architects and designers.

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