MIES collection presents two sources of inspiration. On the first place, it
is influenced by rationalism - a historical moment in which an artistic and an
innovative spirit are conjugated in order to create pieces of work based on
elementary geometry. Figures are composed of right angles and curves, suppressing ornaments, to create functional, modern, harmonious and aesthetic architectural objects. On the other hand, this piece is inspired by nature and sustainability.
That is why Isabel Englebert, incorporated Plant the Future´s live moss. The hybrid born of the interaction of metal and live moss makes reference to the concept of "life". At the same time, the symbolism of framing a piece of nature gives it the character of a work of art.


Looking to expand the MIES concept, Isabel Englebert designed a series of luminaire sculptures that can brighten up any room. The collection is composed by four different pieces made of brass and live moss, seeking to keep the original piece’s spirit. These sculptures are architectural expressions whose purpose is to create a sophisticated and elegant atmosphere in every space.



The principle of rationalist architecture is embodied with modern materials, a right angled figure, and simple geometric shapes organized in a modular way, isolating the base structure. MIES is composed by a six meter long shaft that lodges modules made of acrylic, brass and live moss. Each module is repeated until the length of the skeleton is completed.

This piece was designed exclusively for architects’ Julio Oropel and José Luis Zacarías space at the Design & Art Center in the Patagonia Foundation, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and it continues to be part of its permanent exhibition.

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MIES collection embodies interior design fundamental characteristics, adding harmony, elegance and sophistication. Its purpose is to create unity, achieving object and space integration.