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Inspired by the Argentinian Pampas, Isabel Englebert presents a unique, luxurious and majestic series. Incorporating rationalist atributes, she once again challenges the borders between art and design. In this way, she creates an ode to geometry, imprinting her signature traits in her own interpretation of the Pampa. 


A modular structure, geometric and pure, made of brass plated iron, functions as the table’s base,traversing through the surface and leaving its trace on the marble or parchment.The same degree of importance is given to the frame and to the top plane,transcending the object itself and rethinking the relationship between structure and surface, function and aesthetics.



Thought in two alternative materials. The magnificent marble top resembles the characteristic argentinian cow Holando Argentina, given a unique Dalmata Marble piece. Its particular pattern grants an apparent warmth to a naturally cold materia


The parchment, soft and warm, refers to the organic and traditional of the artist's country of origin. In this way, the spaces generate an almost immediate connection with nature, providing a fresh and, at the same time, sophisticated atmosphere. 


Each Isabel Englebert piece is timeless and unique. All of them are made by highly skilled artisans, not only to ensure the highest quality, but also to encourage the preservation and development of traditional knowledge and the small business economy.

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