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Among the different levels of significance that emerge from the Phi series, a link can be established between its morphological composition and that of Neo-Geo, with its geometric abstraction and simplicity of forms. The compositional elements are transformed into synthetic signs that refer to reality, arousing both conceptual reflections and aesthetic admiration.


A great admirer of Olafur Eliasson and his meditations on the environment, the artist elaborates a symbiosis between cosmic reality and artwork, which seeks to capture the dynamism of the universe and the relationship between the whole and its parts, focusing especially on the golden ratio that exists between the elements of the orb.


The Phi series reflects on the relationship between the celestial bodies that make up our universe, highlighting the golden ratio that is inherent to this framework. Each element is in perfect harmony with the pieces that surround it, generating balance in a drawing that refers to the planets, their orbits and movements. Isabel Englebert proposes a metaphor, an abstraction of the movement of the sun in the universe and the relationship between the different trajectories that describe the astronomical objects as a dynamic framework.


The golden ratio is the foundation and pillar of each composition, in which each component corresponds to this numerical sequence, positioned in such a way that the contact points between two pieces give existence to a third one, whose proportions are the sum of its two predecessors. This relationship is a replica of the proportional sequences of the reality of the universe, which are expressed in the scale relationship between the Earth and the Moon, in the orbits of Mercury, Venus, the Earth, Jupiter and Saturn, or in the number of days of orbit around the sun of Venus and the Earth, among many other cases.


The variety of materials and textures refer to the dynamism and multiplicity of bodies in the cosmos. The use of hammered metal that reminds us of the moon, the blue color that can refer to our planet, the different weights transmitted by the plenums and fretwork, are points of connection that allow us to establish allegorical relationships to physical reality.

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