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"Plants" is a series of pieces created with the collaboration of Paloma Teppa,  an artist specialized in Biophilia, is the creator and alma mater of "Plant The Future", a nature-inspired design studio, plant boutique and botanical art gallery.


Isabel Englebert, multidisciplinary artist, provides the pieces of this series with her distinctive aesthetic elements: pure geometries, simple lines, and ruled surfaces. The line as a geometric element emerges to provide a perfect balance to each work, bestowing it with its own personality. 


On this occasion the pieces incorporate live moss, creating a particular alloy that expresses the strong commitment of the artists with nature and sustainability. The rigidity and coldness of the metal combine and contrast with the warmth and softness of the moss. The former - strong, passionate - meets the latter - nourishing, living - to give birth to a hybrid born from the interaction of both materials. This mixture, this clash, represents life itself. 


At the same time, the descomunal encounter outlines a double meaning. On the one hand, it poses the action of framing a piece of nature, giving it the character of a work of art. It exalts it, it honors it in an unconventional way. On the other hand, it seeks to protect and care for the source of life, expressing a strong respect and commitment.

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