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Inspired on the Polo sport, a traditional Argentine sport, Isabel Englebert gives life to a collection of small, minimalist and imposing objects. Incorporating the morphological characteristics of rationalism, the artist develops this series of works in noble materials that represent the essence of the Argentine land.


The horse's mane, soft and warm, is a direct reference to this sport, which is so representative of the local culture. The horsehair refers to the organic and traditional aspects of the artist's country of origin, revaluing tradition, yet at the same time proposing an unexpected innovation. Thus, she achieves an almost immediate connection between the objects and nature, providing a fresh and at the same time sophisticated atmosphere. A pure, geometric, modular structure, crafted in silver alpaca, draws paths that engage with the body. The metal creates a contrast with the mane, highlighting its shine and hardness.


Once again, Englebert challenges the boundaries between design and art. She creates an ode to geometric abstraction, imprinting her personal stamp of pure lines and simple figures on her interpretation of the Argentine Polo.

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