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Little Sun NGO, founded by artist Olafur Eliasson, invited Isabel Englebert to share their mission and join their campaign by working on a special artpiece for them. The digital work "The Essence of Power”, by artist Isabel Englebert, constitutes a metaphor of existence itself, with its vital paths and wefts, which traverse the sources of energy that propel the cycles of life.


Undulating lines, that might refer to wire structures, draw pathways that crisscross at diverse junctures. This allusion to electricity seeks to reflect on the impulse, that power that comes from the sun and from art.

The linear elements are immersed at the same time in various focal points, in spheres infused with color, texture and meaning. The largest circumference is digitally painted with a photograph of a sunflower petal as seen through an optical microscope. This figure refers to the sun, a fundamental element in the cycle of life. Encapsulated at the artwork's core, lies an image of Englebert's blood captured through the same microscope. This symbol represents the concept of the artist in itself, as the bearer of a vision of the world, of a way of perceiving, that brings solutions and contributions to humanity. The last sphere created by the artist, painted with a photomicrograph of a plant leaf, refers to vitality, to the capacity of nurturing and growing.


Through this weaving of meanings that intertwine and coexist, Isabel Englebert invites the viewer to reflect on the paths of life itself. Thus, the artist encourages not to take the easiest way, which often leads back to the place of departure, but to venture on new and challenging trails, confident that a renewing energy emerges from each journey.

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