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Isabel Englebert presents "XXV", a small format sculptural work that symbolizes an ode to life lived jointly, an emblem of the long years walking side by side. The artist elaborates a visual and spatial metaphor that builds the tale of the existence of a bond, which has been mutating over time, going through moments of greater splendor and difficult situations, but always getting stronger and stronger.


The two vertical waves, central axes that support the composition, embody each of the two linked souls. Two different people, each with their own trajectories, desires and decisions, their essence, but moving together, drawing in space a path of ascents and descents, but nevertheless complementary, which is completed only with the unequivocal presence of both elements. A path that may continue infinitely, in this unique and harmonic dance. Each linear element that links the two waves together symbolizes a year of marriage, so there are twenty-five pieces that function as a bridge between the central axes. As the years progress, the bond between the couple grows stronger, so each linear element becomes stronger and thicker.

The link between the two parts gave rise to the family, so the sculpture carries a strong reference to the concept of DNA, the vital and unique information that is passed on to successors through blood, symbolizing a singular and unrepeatable bond. The linear elements that correspond to the different years in which the couple had each of their children are distinguished from the rest: each one is materialized in a characteristic color that uniquely represents the child born during that year. 


Always signed by the abstract character and the minimal expression, Englebert's work represents a conceptualization that interweaves art and biology, to give rise to a unique piece that constitutes a symbol of affection and accompaniment, which is made of metal, unbreakable and infinite.


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