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The collection Plants, was presented in the first Fashion and Lifestyle Sustainability Summit, carried out in Costa Rica in 2018, organized by Carmen Busquets, Livia Firth and Andrea Somma Genta, alongside the presentation of Donna Karan of Urban Zen, Oskar Metsavath from Osklen, and the presentations of sustainability referents such as Giselle Budchen and Paul Hawken. 




Plants, the special piece Wings, and Glaciares, have been exhibited at the well known Praxis gallery, in the Buenos Aires, Argentina subsidiary, under the the Art and Sustainability global exhibition, and are now part of its permanent collection. Isabel Englebert has sought to bring the message of sustainable art to different places always seeking to create the statement of unique pieces, wearable art. 

In this case, the designer used art as a vehicle for expression, diffusion and denunciation for the sustainable development, approaching the subject from a perspective different from the traditional one. The collections presented have been developed in order to carry a message, to raise awareness around two issues that affect us all today and are of utmost importance for our survival. Glaciar & Plants are intangible values of nature brought to artistic expressions that generate impact on users and spectators




It is not just about raising awareness: it's about making a change. This change begins where "garbage" and art meet, interact and unite, giving birth to a new entity. Artistic Recycling, a novel way to create sculptures, paintings and other works of art, has caused controversy and revolution around the world.

The art piece "Alas”is named after the famous phrase "Feet what do I need you for, if I have wings to Fly" from Frida Kahlo, and seeks to celebrate women empowerment. It is also the result of this new encounter between two very different natures, is an ode to sustainability understood as a second chance. The idea is strongly expressed in the fact that the metal, is repurposed,  transformed and redefined, to become something bigger. The structures of the wings were part of some angels who have decorated famous Av. De Mayo in Buenos Aires, and the wood is from heart of camphor.  This piece also incorporates Plant the Future´s live moss, reinforcing the sustainability message. 

1,25MTS X 1,25MTS