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In her work "Power Struggle", Isabel Englebert practices a deep autorreferencial exercise by exploring the relationship between the gesturality detached from any rational component, and the structure outlined through directionalities and linear elements. In a first instance, the artist pours on the canvas an emotionality without barriers, almost as if painting was a sort of therapy that allows her to release a gesture of her own. In this way, she sketches spots of colors that work in harmony, with a roller or a brush, without any previous planning or design. At a later stage, she identifies patterns that have been drawn irrationally in the work, and begins to draw lines that support and structure the composition. It constitutes a process of rationalization of the automatic and expressive. Circumferences appear to build visual tension, generating depth and spatiality through color, which jumps in front of the viewer's eyes, even when intertwined with the structure that appears underneath. Thus, Englebert brings to life a work that somehow expresses her own essence, emotional and structured, challenging the tensions between these two aspects.

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