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Isabel Englebert presents the sculptural piece "50", an abstract geometric work that reflects on the perfect mathematical relationships that interweave life itself. Emphasizing the golden ratio that is inherent to the weaving of the universe, the artist creates a piece in which each element is in perfect harmony with the components that surround it, generating balance in a pattern that refers to fullness and perfection. Isabel Englebert proposes a metaphor, an abstraction of the unfolding of the vital cycles that describe trajectories in this dynamic framework that is life itself.

The golden ratio is the foundation and pillar of the composition, in which each element corresponds to this numerical sequence, positioned in such a way that the contact points between two pieces give existence to a third element, whose proportions are the sum of its two predecessors. The artist decides to work exclusively with the circle, a mathematical figure linked to perfection and fullness, generating an abstraction and synthesis that are characteristic of her work.

In this case, Isabel Englebert emphasizes the number five as the central axis of the piece. Five decades spent around the sun, five family members, five circles that are linked together and generate a harmonious and perfect composition. The golden ratio becomes a reality when articulated with the pentatonic sculpture.


50 Sculpture Isabel Englebert 03.HEIC

The variety of materials and textures make reference to each one of the five decades lived. The use of hammered metal, the different weights transmitted by the plenums and fretwork, are points of connection that allow the establishment of allegorical relationships to physical reality. The blue color of the glass, together with its translucent property, refers to the large bodies of water around which life has developed in recent decades. 

Among the different levels of significance that emerge from the "50 Sculpture", a link can be established between its morphological composition and that of Neo-Geo, with its geometric abstraction and simplicity of forms. The compositional elements are transformed into synthetic signs that refer to reality, arousing both conceptual reflections and aesthetic admiration.

A great admirer of Olafur Eliasson and his meditations on the environment, the artist elaborates a symbiosis between existential reality and artwork, which seeks to capture the perfect proportions of life cycles and family relationships, with a special focus on the golden ratio and the value of the number five at this stage of life.

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