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In «Objections to the object’s supremacy, a.k.a. Marcel Je t’aime» I reflect on Conceptual Arts ́ ideas and foundations in themselves, while investigating the way in which these manifest through different means and materials. This search is based on the conviction that the empirical aspect of the object that is presented as a work of art has no value - or rather no meaning - in itself, and only gains validity and legitimacy when the idea that the work is seeking to communicate is understood.


Interwoven by communicational and biological axes, and from a self-referential point of view, this artistic proposal presents different ways of approaching thoughts, which go from their physical representation within the brain, to their most abstract essence, in the form of an amorphous and intangible idea.

This research arises from a personal inquisitiveness, unleashed by confirming the idea ́s fundamentality in the artistic process, and the secondary role given to the explanation within the artistic institution, in comparison to the object’s supremacy. The aim of the series is to invert these roles, conferring its real value to concepts and their communication, by combining research and adjudication processes that culminate in the formalization of artistic objects.

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